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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 17, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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loses. and santorum -- >> you get a winner and a loser, one and one. >> i would differ, i would say romney won, gingrich and santorum has to kind of kill each other. >> i think that gingrich was the winner. i liked his answer. i did not agree with his answer on food stamps but it was s effective in getting his taxes across. i thought romney was the loser. release your taxes and get fumbling about it. >> i think that romney won, he lost too because how pathetic does he look that he cannot answer questions from santorum on the odd ball question of felons voting. >> i thought it was a great moment and for a minute there you had rick santorum taking a progressive position on the issue. as far as romney goes, i thought the tax release issue, releasing
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his income taxes was a telling moment. it was clear that he was uncomfortable answering it and we have the quote that was. you know if it's the tradition i'm not opposed to doing that but i'm will tell, but i'm thinking i'll get asked to do that around the april time period and i'll keep that open. >> he cleaned that up today in south carolina. it's amazing he skated so long before being directly confront odd this. he called on ted kennedy to release his and then refused to release them himself. he is going to be the nominee of his party and he will not be able to dodge this. >> the republicans don't really have an answer to the key question which is income inequality and the wealth gap, you have romney representing the
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1% and perry has created a of state sector jobs. they don't have an answer. >> they have an p answanswer, t three years gone by, it got worse. >> he said i made a little money on speaking engagement this is year. not that many though, $362,000 of not that much. he goes out and he cannot help but show people what he believes about wealth. >> how did obama get? >> i don't know the numbers. the issue is how romney doesn't see the value of $362,000. >> i think you can be rich and be progressive. you can be a democratic and be rich. and the idea that there's been
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money in politics especially president politics is not new. but the question is today, romney tackled the tax question and was asked at what rate were you taxed? was it 15% and he said i would say yeah, he mostly around 15% when is the fairness question. >> that is 15% on carried interest from private equity. it not whether it creates jobs or slashes jobs but ultimately it probably washing out to about even but they pay 15% on huge amounts of income, and the rest of america pays 25% to 28%. if he is a paying 15%, it doesn't look good to average guys. >> that was the issue last night. the fairness and inequality issue came out at the fox debate. i would like to play a bit of sound with gingrich on food
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stamps which is already worth it. >> a come asked you why you refered to president obama as the food stamp president, it sounds as if you are seeking to belittle people. >> first of all, juan, the fact is that more people have been put on food stamps by barack obama than any president in american history. >> the cheers on that one, 47 million americans are on food stamps and many of them work. and i think, again, maybe in the republican primary this doesn't hurt you but in a general election when that percentage of the population is getting some kind of government assistance to put food in the mouths of their children. >> i agree, and it goes back to the fact that our economy is in a downturn, it's not about obama and his policies we have been on
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a down slide, lower taxes have not helped. republican solutions have not helped. it's going to come up again and again and i do not see republicans having an answer nor the iss for the issue. >> now is a moment are occupy wall street is dominating with this message of inequality and people like mitt romney and newt gingrich and folks who deride the poor and don't understand the middle class, will have a tough time in november where that is not where the conversation is. >> i think that obama did -- you say the republican policies and democratic policies worked, obama did a good job promising that his policies would fix it. there's a ton of things going on in the economy, and a limit to what a president can do. but the idea that we give him a pass because it's a downturn. >> this is a watch, in the last seven months of the bush administration, four million jobs were lost and in this recovery, over two million jobs
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were gained. we are moving in the right direction. there's a lie to the statistics that republicans put out about how to economy has done under president obama, once he got into office we have been moving in the right direction. >> and he has a plan if he can get it through. >> there was that contention during the debate when romney said he has a jobs plan and so does the president it has not passed. >> this is a last ditch south carolina play. i mean, gingrich had to go hard in that debate and get the crowd excited, and to talk about the poor and getting them to work and put them to work and the value of work and all that sort of stuff. whether he gets the nomination and talks about that in the general, i don't think that he would. this is get the numbers up so i can survive to florida. gingrich pushes romney to the
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right. and doubling down on the dream act saying he would veto, that hurts him in the general. and that goes to my next point, we have a national poll showing romney up at 37%, a 23% lead with more support than santorum, gingrich and perry combined. does it even matter if gingrich is throwing tasty red meat to republicans, it's fracturing the conservative vote and giving romney the upper hand as he goes into the primary on saturday? >> that is not 100% true. it's possible that gingrich does better than we think he will do in south carolina and keeps it going to florida. i don't think that it's over for romney. i thought his debate performance, people said he won, but i thought he was bad. the issue on the tax returns was bad. the moose elk hunting thing was bad. he came through poorly if he doesn't know who he is shooting
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moose or elk. >> my mother kept saying he sounds and looks like a puppet. >> he got rattled when santorum got in his face, you could see, i'm sure, as obama's team is looking at this, the lesson from this was get in his face. >> the other lesson is give him room to run and he will be disingenuine. if you are a hunter, i'm not a hunter of moose or elk, but for him to say i'm delighted to go hunting. who iss delighted to go hunting? >> who likes firing people, bill burton? >> he doesn't know how to talk about the things that he is likes. >> coming up. pac men. super pacs were part of the debate. first, what do google searches tell us about the candidates. last night's trends next on
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political analysts are turning to the polls to see the impact of last night's debate but what can google tell us, we looked to see what was being searched during the gop showdown, it's a new thing that we are doing on this show. and the google folks tell us, they looked at real time searches during and after the debate. super pac, the phrase up 212% from previous daily highs and this one is curious, romney mexico up 180% and romney tax up
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145% and colbert super pac up 76%. what do we take away from this? i would like to focus to romney mexico thing, personally, we talk about his background and whether it matters in the general election, mexico being the birthplace of his grandfather? >> father. >> his father, his grand father fled there there was a polygamy issue that caused them to run there. bill burton, i would like to direct this to you from the obama re-elect committee. >> mitt romney was not fully vetted through this process. so people to not have information where he comes from and the policies he supports. as people hear some new interesting thing, they will go to google and say, hey, what is the deal with romney and mexico, the important thing is that when
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you hear him say i want the tax rate to go down to 25%, which is 10% higher than what he pays and lower than what it is right now, that is going to be an issue as people inform themselves, that is more boring than what you asked. >> totally more boring. >> and it's a question of he took a hard line stance on immigration and if you find out more about him and his father was born in mexico, it leads you to believe whether this is grounded in his own experience in history or is it meant to appeal to gop primary voters and it will give him trouble in general. >> the mexico booing was just as much a reaction of the immigrants from mexico as his background. google looked at which candidates are -- people are googling in south carolina over the past week. top five candidate searches, ron paul is number one, this guy is not going away. not just because he is an interesting person to talk
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about, but, you listen to those boos that he got on the foreign policy questions and i listened to them and you know i understand why people have issues with that, that policy position, but at the same time, i don't think that ron paul l e loslose supports based on his position. >> i'm not sure he lose s his core of supporters but he shuts himself off of ta number of republican voters. a lot of republican voters care about israel, and a big part of his cycle is that more mainstream people that supported him last time, there's something going on and i think that stream of republicanism is not going away now. >> and ron paul has money and organization and supporters. >> ron paul will never go away, literally. i tonight think he ever
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conceded. >> he could move his campaign operation to the moon and still have his same influence. >> it's not clear whether his campaign is actually based on the moon. >> he says stuff like maybe we should not have shot osama bin laden. that is why they are googling him. >> speaking of comedians, colbert with his announcement on forming a exploratoriy committe, he spiked in googling. he is doing a great job in shedding light on super pacs of course what do you make of his action on the issue? >> any observer can say that the rules are a mess, and the fact that citizen's united decision is not a way to do it.
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and so the fact that steven colbert is doing a service by explaining what the pacs are and what the rules of the road are here is helping people understand the problems with their democracy right now. >> we were running down a story to see if he was going to be a candidacy. and he is a fictional candidacy. >> okay, graphic showing web interests in issues. the issues being searched in south carolina, unemployment has the most search interest more so than abortion, gay rights and the deficit. i think this can only be good news for mitt romney going into 2012 as it seems that the economy and unemployment carry more water than social issues. >> i don't think it's good news for romney, i think it's good news for obama.
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he is not helping americans understand what he is going to do about the job s situation. it's not about whether equity creates jobs. right now we have a shrinking middle. private equity guys are not going to come in and clear that up. >> i was speaking more of the primary season. but as far as answering the went of unemployment, i'm not sure that mitt romney is best to do that. >> to private equity point though, more specific than private equity on the whole is mitt romney has staked his campaign on his business experience, so it's not about what the private equity industry is doing, it about what did mitt romney do when he was the head of the company, what kind of decisions did he make and how did it prepare him to be president, we see how it prepared him to be governor, looking at what he did with private equity and how the decision he made put people on
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the street. and he made money. that is the questions that people want answers for. >> we will talk more about mitt romney's record at bain capital and feed them to the lions. [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power, with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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it sounds as if you are seeking to belittle people. >> well i'm going to continue to find ways to help poor people learn how to get a job, learn how to get a better job and learn some day to get a better job. >> they can't hear me, i'll talk
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to you. foreign policy. >> the government needs to leave the states alone and let states decide these issues. >> maybe we ought to consider a golden rule in foreign policy, what do to other nations what we don't want to have happen to us. so is -- >> cheers and jeers at what may have been the liveliest of the debates on far in terms of audience reaction, what we didn't see was that at one point they did the wave. >> and throwing red meat stakes. >> how do you boo the golden rule? i don't understand that. >> do under others? no. the audience changed the feeling of the debate. and we talked about moving the magnetic polls to the right or the left at some point the candidates were playing to the audience and giving them the most outrageous conservative
12:24 pm
statement. >> some did it better than others, romney seemed uncomfortable and uneasy about the whole thing and perry seemed like he was dropping his bombs wherever he needed to. >> john ward had an interesting description of the exchange between gingrich as a moment that will likely be die secretaried and debated for some time. a black journalist being boosed by an overwhelmingly white audience. >> and you had big cheers for, i think it was rick perry talking about the war of the south carolina against the federal government. i mean he was using language invoking the civil war. he was invoking the civil war of the southern states against the government. this is the kind of coded language that you only see in the south carolina politics that is rough and tumble. >> we were talking about the dog
12:25 pm
whistling. >> poor rick santorum, he is taking it from both sides. this is him being a liberal. he is talking about government programs that would stabilize poor communities. these are not -- >> and it's based the contention that marriage equals economic stability which is not something that i would take issue with. >> he wish he would have read the brookings data, it talks about better education and the marriage is sketchy. >> the idea that if you put a ring on it, somehow it's okay. bad relationship advice and bad check advice. >> it's a great song. >> it is a great song. coming up. several candidates are calling for the end to negative super pac ads. we will try to learn more about
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♪ mr. speaker, you have a super pac ad that attacks me, hold on, the people that looked at it said it was entirely false. >> that was mitt romney talking about a film being run by a super pac group. we have rick tyler with us to talk about that. thanks for joining the program. >> i'm glad to be here. >> there was talk about super pacs and whether they are flooding the waves with inaccurate messages.
12:30 pm
do you feel the super pacs are serving the public well? >> i think they should be returning the fundraising back to the candidate so they can put their names back on the ads. it was mitt romney that started the attacks in eye withiowa. mitt romney drug it down to the gutter so here we are. >> if everybody piles on and starting their own super pac and the conversation getting increasely inaccurate and mean, are you not in that yourself by running a pac? >> i'm in total agreement, they are not worthy of a free people. the candidates put their name and sacred honor on the ballot and we ought to control the messaging on them and then super pacs would be obsolete. >> the idea is that you are
12:31 pm
assisting your candidate and trying get the best guy for the republican party, i wonder if you think that the king of bain stuff that is running is not actually hurting newt gingrich. i want to play a bit of sound with gingrich and romney. >> sure. >> i said publically it out to be edited. i said publically it out to be edited. >> michael moore said i think that gingrich is one of the escaped members of my staff. >> is newt gingrich carrying michael moore's water? >> of course not. we have as much in common with moore as i have with barack obama. this event has not been an approach from the left, mitt romney would have you believe that somehow by holding him accountable to his job record that we are somehow attacking free enterprise. you would think the pilares of
12:32 pm
capitalism has been yanked out. he needs to come forward and say when he left bain. i show records that he left in may of 2001. i'm questioning his jobs claim. as i question his right to life claim, as i question his defense of marriage claim and his second amendment claim. these are all claims but he has not deeds. >> what about your contention by your candidate that the videos should be edited. how often do you speak with mr. gingrich, what is a conversation like? the a and how did this ad get to air. a former adviser produced it. and the gingrich super pac bought the ad. did you do vetting or examine the facts? >> i am not allowed to talk to gingrich. which is sort of sad because i
12:33 pm
consider him my friend. he is in many ways my mentor, so i'm cut off from him, so i have not had any conversations with him. i listen to him closely with the media. we will honor everything that he wants. he said if their inaccuracy we should edit them out. people have challenged the context of the film but people are correcting and mischaracterizing, we were establishing a pattern that romney had as he was a venture capitalist. there's a lot of venture capitalism and it necessary but he said that he is a job creator that was not his role as he likes to say. he staked his claim that his experience in the private sector would create jobs but contrast that with newt's claim that
12:34 pm
taxes were cut and -- >> mr. tyler, when you say that, is mitt romney lying when he said he created 120,000 jobs in the private sector and the questionnaire that you say you sent about inaccuracies what is on that questionnaire that you sent to mitt romney's campaign? >> he is saying, well, in one instance he said that he left bain capital before, you know, the stock transactions happened with ddi, which an electronics firm and he said that i left bain capital in august of 1999 but yet, he filed dozens of fcc documents saying that he was the ceo and president of bain capital. and then he said, well i didn't have control. well tell me how you were ceo and did not have control. either you were there or not, or you had an influence with all the transactions or you doesn't.
12:35 pm
but the film still holds. the pattern of what they did in terms of going into a company and liquidating the assets. they raided the pension and left it short and the taxpayers bailed it out and he earned $17 million, that may be legal and just because you can do it doesn't mean you have to do it. there's winners and losers and with bain, sometimes you win and sometimes you win. >> and i want to bring in bill burton who is running another super pac. it it's super pac central. steven colbert, the invitation remains open. >> oh, good. >> bill, let's talk about how your subpoeper pac is or is not
12:36 pm
different from rick tyler's. i want to know your communication with the white house. >> there are of course rules in place that don't allow us to strategyize or talk our polling or plans or anything like that and we of course are going to follow all those rules we would never do anything that would come close to the line of coordinating with the white house or the campaign. i cannot speak to what their super pac is doing. i think their strategy is, well personally i think that they should put all their money in the bain ads instead of splitting it with the social issues and the bain stuff. >> the white house is giving you suggestions mr. tyler. >> there's a strategy there to save money. i understand it, yeah. >> i don't suspect south carolina is going to be that competitive. but, however, i would say that, you know, it seems like we have polled in south carolina. we know that even republican primary goers have a lot of
12:37 pm
concerns about how mitt romney spent his time in the private equity field. and you know, i think the ads that they are running could be effective. >> do either of you think, there's so much discourse about super pacs and much of it has been negative and you both have been on air saying they should end, do you think there's a chance that they will end, that after this we will say no more super pacpacs? >> yes, i think we could be probably stand down and have a super pac, unless they do that, values who not go unprotected. will the right wing of the republican party stand down on super pacs after the election season? >> here is where we are going to part ways. i think that super pacs are a terrible idea, i am for the ability to return to the
12:38 pm
candidates to run their campaigns. right now it's a shell game what the left wants to to is keep the candidates from spending their own money and raise their own money. we are for it, let's be for freedom. no foreign contributions and transparency on the day of the campaign. >> we are all for freedom, i think, thank you for joining us, we look forward to the latest and greatest coming from your camp in the days and weeks and months to come. >> i present it. >> after the break, the global economy, it's often overlooked during the campaign how tied is the europe's debt crisis to this election. next on "now." ♪ he was a 21st century global nomad ♪
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buried in all the campaign news over the past few days were worrying signs about the glob economy, s&p 500 slashed credit ratings, what role can the global economy play in this election. we talk about the unemployment rate and a lot of stuff is out of the president's control, is it not? >> absolutely. in europe in particular there's a lot of questions, if europe collapses and particularly if they had a banking crisis, that could have a big impact. the way in which the european committee can hurt the u.s. one is through the banks. there's good news, despite the down grades you have the european central bank. and you have them funneling a lot of money now to the banks. so that is kind of under control, you still have down grades. it's going to be a problem but a longer term problem. >> the other good news here is that sarkozy and merkel feel
12:43 pm
pressure at home -- >> and asarkozy is in his own re-election. >> correct. so the break up of the euro would be bad for them as well. so there's hopes that the euro sticks together. >> breaking up? even like way worse than our favorite band breaking up. >> the thing to pay attention to is not the s&p 500 down grade, the thing to watch is greece, and greece is, we thought they had a deal to get the bond going and that deal has go gone, away all along, people felt they may default, i don't buy that, it's not a big deal, when you have a nation, it a significant headline, if they default, that could trigger the crisis that we are talking about. >> and it's scheduled to default
12:44 pm
on march 20th. nobody is prepared for that. >> 20% of u.s. exports go to europe. if the europeans are feeling pain, it's not good for the u.s. economy on a direct level. >> the greek problem under lies the fundamental problem in europe, germany is the dad, he has been working a boring desk job and saved a lot of money and his two teenage sons, greece italy has gone to crash the car and they are not sure they want to pay for it. >> there's bad jokes that come into factor here. gas prices, saudi arabia wants to keep prices at $100 a barrel and this is leading to the highest ever january gas prices and there'si ithere's implicatie
12:45 pm
president. the average price of unleaded gas is up to $3.38 which is up from a year ago. this price is linked to uncertainty with iran. the closing of the straits of hormuz, i like to say straits of hormuz as often as possible on the show. with distribution of 20% of the world's gas and oil, when we look at the president looking ahead, the potential craters in the road, this seems to be one of them. >> these things are not happening independent of the election. as september, october, november approach. overseas they will be thinking whether they want to cause trouble for obama or help him out. and this is all going to be --
12:46 pm
there are a lot of different players internationally thinking about the u.s. election. >> and the gas prices are something that often is talked about in elections but the president has very little control over. to the extent that he could, he has opened up a lot of exploration for more oil and more gas here at home. not as much as republicans may have liked but enough to make a meaningful impact here. >> he has his own stash of several millions gallons of oil -- i'm kidding. the president's private stash of oil. miss information, don't listen to me. what now? an unpresident recall effort, will recall organizers get enough signatures to oust their governor. >> and i'm andrea mitchell. the latest from the campaign trail, tough talk by santorum and gingrich as they continue to go after romney, are they too late. we will have the results of the
12:47 pm
new poll. and why mitt romney may not be connecting with voters. the authors of the just released book, "the real romney weighing in," and can't they all get along? congress is back, and we have major garrett and kelly o'donnell. we will be back in less than 15 minutes. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents: the cold truth.
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welcome back, time for what now, in just a few hours we will know just how many people signed a petition to force republican governor scott walker in wisconsin into recall election, don't know how many signatures they have, spokes people are saying they have over the signatures needed. there's going to be an independent commission to verify the signatures. what i think is interesting is that the whole thing can take a couple of months. if we talk about the dynamics of
12:51 pm
the race, it's something that the republican nominee and president will have to tackle. i wonder if this helps or hurts the democratic dialog. >> you see what these anti-union and anti-worker policies can do in one state and what it means in a real sense for their budget, and for scott walker it means that there are over half a million people willing to sign saying that our state has screwed up putting you in office and we want to get you out of office right away. >> how does mitt romney respond to that after he releases his tax return? >> i assume he will say, i am for job creation and not for barriers to job creation. here is another example of it and if you want jobs created here is how do it. and this is how we will do it. >> that was a good impression.
12:52 pm
>> and i pay 15% on my income. >> you do? >> no. >> do not panic if you cannot get on wikipedia after midnight. they are going off air to protepr protest censor ship. >> this tradition of journalism, we quote people and are nervous about broadly written legislation that could shut down what everyone takes for granted right now. >> what it is about is the square off between old and and new media. it's been coming. time warner gets annoyed that they have to spend time and
12:53 pm
money enforcing rules. >> new media is kind of the wild west. >> it is and you can get yourself online and you can get print publications still including politico. >> i don't think that we are paid for that advertisement but we still let you say it. >> they like you for saying that back in washington, d.c. >> for those of you who do not have computers. >> you get us to computer too and buzz feed. >> it's all about the benjamins. >> we are putting boxes behind people eyes -- >> with omg. speaking of omgs, we have spoken about the feeling in the air fueled by super pacs, i thought it was interesting, rick
12:54 pm
santorum's campaign released an ad yesterday, he claims that he has been running a positive campaign and last night, this is the new ad that came out from rick santorum. >> obama is a liberal on social issues, romney once bragged he is more liberal than ted kennedy on social issues. why would we ever vote for somebody who is like obama? >> they are employing the same spooky guy to do the voice overs. bill, i throw it to you, is there any hope that there will be some amount of civility in this 2012 race when even if the super pacs exit the stage, we have campaigns running ads like that, and certainly you have had your fair share of hard hitting campaign ads? >> when you look at the millions dollars spent in super pacs'
12:55 pm
ads, all of it will seem like board games compared to what carl remokarl rove will come in the general election. the nasty vial messages will be overwhelming to a lot of the american public. >> the vial messages are here to stay but we send a happy birthday to the first lady, and betty white and thanks again to bill, ronna and the benjamins. that is all for now, i'll see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern and i'll be joined by democratic national committee chair and the new york times magazine. you can follow us on the twitter machine, at "now." "andrea mitchell reports" is next. hello andrea. >> hello, alex. the authors of the real romney dig into romney's days at bain
12:56 pm
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we have a candidate that is not willing to stand up and tell the truth when it comes to some things that his campaign is saying and that to me leads to serious questions as to whether that man can be trusted to tell the truth in a whole variety of other things. >> right now "andrea mitchell reports," the front-runner sort of commits to releasing his tax return returns. >> we will wait until the tax returns for the recent year are completed and we will release them. >>


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